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ISBN 978-88-6055-839-8
Tiziano Cattaneo, Roberto De Lotto


Design strategies for small towns development

The book describes methodology and results of a research project carried out by the Research Unit of University of Pavia with the title “Regeneration and renewal of rural landscape. Design strategies in the surroundings of new urban centres”. Rural Architectural Intensification is an innovative design action for architecture and urbanism city-landscape into use that are suitable for contemporary ways of living through the construction of a new paradigm that will shape an architectural project committed to sustainability. RAI has three keywords: RURAL as environment with richness of history, values, memory and high quality; ARCHITECTURE as a process and construction product, which can create social, cultural, economic and technological innovation; INTENSIFICATION as a strategy to create sustainable density of activities and spaces for people in which the natural environment and the rural-urban environment coexist harmoniously.