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Dimitra Babalis

Waterfront city

Waterside Regeneration in Scotland

The book shows evolving issues on waterfront regeneration – riverfronts, canalfronts and seafronts – in Glasgow and Edinburgh, hosting the two Scottish cities the most interesting challenges of current times. The book shows the strategies and policies on masterplanning and designing the Waterfront City and its relationship to the morphology of urban block and mixed use development. At the same time it can encourage ideas on research that can shape new conditions for future waterfront change. This book also underlines some viewpoints on how cultural heritage has to be faced properly within regeneration projects and how its preservation is essential to bring back good memory of history on the sites.

Dimitra Babalis
Is Assistant Professor in Town Planning and Urban Design at the University of Florence and an Architect-Engineer. She is Visiting Scholar at various European Universities. She is Co-ordinator and Chair of European Erasmus Programmes and International Workshops. Her research interests and funded European and Italian projects lie on ecological design to sustainable urban form and masterplanning; on evaluation, preservation, regeneration and reuse of cultural heritage; on concepts and principles of ecological and sustainable urban transformation. She is author of a number of scientific publications in national and international reviews and proceedings books, of chapter of books and Editor of various books. She is author of the books: URBAN DESIGN. The Ecological Thinking. A Compendium (2008), URBAN CHANGE and Sustainability. A collection (2012).