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Arcduecittà n. zero world

Papers from the earthlings
Director: Ernesto D’Alfonso
September 2014
Architecture and Representation – Peter Eisenman
From Kabul
For who, what. Right to health during war – Ottavio Tozzo
For who, what – Interview to Marianna Sainati
From New York
The Institute of Architecture and Urban Design, New York City – 1967 – Michael Schwarthing
Notes on Urban Villages as a global condition – D.G. Shane
From Shanghai
Skyscrapers in Asia – Neil Leach
From Australia
Italian Modernism in the Australian Outback – Annette Condello – Curtin University
From Il Cairo
Rethinking public space in Cairo – Elisa Ravazzoli
From South America
Public space as civil redemption – Cecilia Bischeri
From Editor
Today and Archeology – Ernesto D’Alfonso
Sezione: Urban Design
Forms for different narrations – Lorenzo Degli Esposti
Open Source City – Alvaro Guinea Martin
Tokyo: small room’s big house – Ruy Porto Fernandez
Sezione: Interior Design
Habitus in public space: duration / mutation– Andrea Vercellotti
Interior/exterior. A “twin-phenomena” – Vincenza Farina
Sezione: Architectural design
Contemporary figures of architectural/urban spaces – Matteo Fraschini
Design Brief for City Garden Unveiled – Diller Scofidio – Renfro
Warsaw airport – Carlos Lamela
How to assign the void – An alternative to urban sprawl – Clement Blanchet
Sezione: Virtual design
Earth geography vs City Geography – Giuseppe Boi – Roberto Podda
Sezione: News
Design and digital tecnologies – Anna Maria Loiacono
Fallin’ in love – Davide Raponi
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